November 3, 2017

Hajj Forms

1. Complete Hajj registration form online.

2. Visa Application Form

Visa Application

Applications for Hajj visa will not be considered if the following requirements are not complete:

  1. Completed Hajj registration form.
  2. Completed Visa form. (must be signed)
    Right Click here and choose Save Target As to download the VISA Application along with instructions.
  3. U.S. Passport valid for at least 6 months after the departure from SA or other Passport along with copies of a NOTARIZED alien registration card (GREEN CARD).
    ***Passports must have at least 2 blank pages facing each other.***
  4. FOUR U.S. Passport size photos with white background. Please write your Full Name and Passport number (example: US # 11111111) on the back of the pictures with a pencil.
  5. Recent VACCINATION card for Meningitis with the doctors name and address rubber-stamp on it. We also recommend getting a flu shot but it’s not required.
  6. Ladies traveling with Mahram shall provide a NOTARIZED proof of relationship (i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate).
  7. Ladies over 45 years of age unaccompanied by male family member must send a NOTARIZED no objection letter signed by a male family member. A sample Mahram letter can be emailed to you by request.
  8. Proof of Conversion to Islam for Muslims with “non-Islamic names”, must obtain written proof of their Islamic faith from the director of their mosque or Islamic center.