Al Hajjul Akbar 2014

It is generally presumed that Hajj performed on a Friday is called “Hajj Akbar” and that it is a more rewarding Hajj as compared to the Hajj performed on any other day of the week.

The term used in the Glorious Quran “Al Hajjul-Akbar” does not mean a Hajj performed on a Friday, as is generally alleged by the people. The Quran has used this term for the Hajj performed by the Muslims under the supervision of Abu Bakr (r.a.) in the year 9 A.H., one year prior to the last Hajj of Propher Muhammed (s.a.w.). This Hajjul-Akbar (in 9A.H.) was not even performed on a Friday, yet the Quraan refers to it as “Al Hajjul-Akbar”. It is therefore evident from the above that this term has no relevance to the Hajj performed on a Friday.

The correct meaning of the term, as explained by a large number of the commentators of the Glorious Qur’aan is that, the UMRAH was generally called “Al Hajjul-Asghar” (the minor Hajj). In order to distinguish Umrah from Hajj, the latter (i.e. HAJJ) was named “Al Hajjul Akbar” (the greater Hajj). Therefore, every Hajj is a “Al Hajjul-Akbar” whether it is performed on a Friday or another day.

But if the 9th of Zul Hijjah falls on a Friday, it is, indeed, good fortune as it will enhance the dignity of the Hajj. Is is narrated that the Hajj which takes place on a Friday carries the reward equivalent to seventy Hajj. Friday is Eid for Muslims and Arafah is also Eid day. If two Eids fall on one day it is blessing upon blessing.

Once a jew said to Ibni Abbaas (r.a.) that if the Quranic verse: “Al-yavma Akmaltu Lakum Deenakum wa Atmamtu Alaikum Ne’matee wa Radeetu Lakumul Islaama Deenaa” (I have, this day, perfected your religion for you and completed My favour upon you and have chosen Islaam as religion for you) had been sent down for us, we would have celebrated Eid on that day. Ibni Abbaas told the jew that two Eids were combined on the day this verse descended i.e. Jumu’ah and ‘Arafah. So we did not need to celebrate Eid on that day. Friday and ‘Arafah (9th of Zul Hijjah) are the days of Eid for believers and the day the Quranic verse in question was sent down was Friday as well as ‘Arafah.

We as FATIH HAJJ see every Hajj as HAJJ AKBAR and have a mission to serve the guests of ALLAH (s.w.t) the Hujjaj the best we can, 2014 Hajj falls on a Friday, join us and lets get the reward together, please visit our website for the 2014 Hajj Packages .

Let us take you on the journey of your life, 2014 HAJJ AKBAR

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