Required Documents

1. Completed Hajj registration form.

2. Completed Visa form. (must be signed)

3. U.S. Passport/ US re-entry Permit valid for at least 6 months after the departure from the Kingdom or other Passports along with copies of a NOTARIZED alien registration card. Passports should have 2 blank pages facing each other.

4. Four Passport size photos with white background. Please write your Full Name and Passport number ( example: US # 11111111) on the back of the pictures with a pencil.

5. Recent vaccination card for meningitis (yellow card) with the doctors name and address rubber-stamp on it. We also recommend getting a flu shot but it’s not required.

6. Ladies traveling with Mahram shall provide a NOTARIZED proof of relationship (i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate).

7. Widows/ divorcee ( a NOTARIZED copy of death certificate/ copy of dissolution of marriage).

8. Ladies over 45 years of age unaccompanied by male family member must send a NOTARIZED no objection letter signed by a male family member. A sample Mahram letter will be emailed to you by us.

9. Proof of Conversion to Islam for Muslims with “non-Islamic names”, must obtain written proof of their Islamic faith from the director of their mosque or Islamic center.

Click here to see forms.

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